Rachel Hickling

Rachel Hickling is a seasoned worship leader, award-winning songwriter/composer, and freelance writer from Kernersville, North Carolina. She currently serves as a worship pastor at The Crossing Church  in Kernersville and has a passion for reaching beyond the walls of her home church.

Rachel grew up in a Christian home, in church and in Christian school, but reached a point of frustration and skepticism of the church, religion, and God around the end of middle school. Thus, she found herself all too close to the church, but all too far away from a real relationship with Christ. She struggled through her early high school years with her faith, but had a radical conversion at the age of 16.

Because of her experience growing up in the church in post modern America and her struggles with finding authentic faith , she feels a distinct calling to speak into the lives of women and young adults, to bring healing and restoration through honesty, creativity, and authenticity about relating to the struggles of life and how Christ works through brokenness.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Music  with a specialization in songwriting from Liberty University.